Ani Ghulinyan

I am a future political scientist, but I have not dreamed about it since childhood.

 I was born in Lori, Dsegh.

I’m in my sophomore year and at the same time I’m doing everything I can. I like taking photos, I am a TUMO student. I’m interested in filmmaking and I play a little bit. For around a year, I also attended the COAF SMART center for music and film classes.

From the age of 15, I’ve tried my hand at different endeavors,

from journalism to movies and music, to finally enjoy one profession and stick to it.

I got interested in the Media Factory since I liked the design of the announcement, and I applied because the curriculum was very interesting and in line with my future plans.

I look forward mostly to the subjects of photojournalism, animation and investigative journalism. I want to implement and create as many ideas as possible in the Media Factory within a year, because it is not so often possible in university life.

I hope to learn in an environment where I will forget that I am learning.

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