Lusine Vardanyan

I am a linguist by profession, and now I am engaged in journalism.

In 2018, I graduated from V. Brusov State University, Faculty of Translation and Intercultural Communication (TIC), specializing in Geography, and in 2020, I got a Master’s degree in Translation Studies at the same faculty.

I’ve been engaged in journalism since 2016, when the Alpen-Kaukasus Kurier student magazine in German was established, and I started writing for it. I am now a member of the team that coordinates the work of the magazine.

In May 2019, I started a probationary period at CivilNet Online News channel, where I started working permanently in December 2019. I mainly deal with environmental, educational and cultural topics.

Studying at the Hetq Media Factory will allow me to fill the gap of not having an education in the field. I believe that this is a good opportunity to work with a professional team, to develop my skills in creating quality media products.

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