Rima Grigoryan

Prior to 2019, I studied at the YSU Faculty of Journalism, and this year I have the unprecedented opportunity to be a student at the Hetq Media Factory.

I was just starting my studies at the University when I got up one day and went to the Radio and asked to be accepted as a volunteer journalist for the Zartutsich children’s program. I got accepted. For around a year, I have been preparing educational and entertaining materials in the children’s department of Public Radio.

In my sophomore year, I participated in the Journalistic Duel project broadcast on Public TV. Our team left the project after the first round of broadcasting. Sometime later, I was invited back. I reached the final and took 2nd place.

At the same time, I volunteered for the Media Initiatives Center’s Lratoon media exhibition, studied and singled out cases of propaganda, hate speech and anti-propaganda in the print media. In March of this year, I was the assistant of the director of the same media exhibition.

At the beginning of the year, I started an internship on the A1+ news website, covered press conferences and prepared my own materials.

Over the years, I have participated in local and international journalism courses, creating both print and video and audio content there.

I think and hope that the Hetq Media Factory can help me continue this path, helping to develop and be better prepared.

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