Ara Ghazaryan

Ethics and Media Law Instructor



I am a lawyer and work as a director in the law office I founded. I also do research for various organizations and teach different professional groups of lawyers - lawyers, judges, prosecutors, and investigators. The main subject of teaching are different spheres of human rights. In recent years, at the invitation of the Council of Europe, I have conducted trainings in different countries of the Council of Europe. My main field of activity is the European Court of Human Rights. I have filed and won numerous appeals in this court since 2002 concerning the right to freedom of expression, a fair trial, religious freedom, personal freedom, freedom of assembly, non-discrimination, and a ban on torture.

I have dealt with the judicial protection of the rights of journalists and media for a long time, since around 2002. I have filed dozens of cases in national and international courts relating to various forms of interference with journalistic freedoms: physical violence, protection of journalistic sources, insult and defamation claims, copyright, restrictions on journalistic rights during emergencies, illegal wiretapping, rummage of a journalistic area, confiscation of journalistic objects, hate speech, dissemination of state and official secrets, access to information and other legal relations.

I am also a member of two journalistic self-regulatory bodies, the Observer and the Information Disputes Council. Within the framework of these two initiatives, I work with my colleagues to resolve various journalistic and informational disputes, as well as other initiatives, such as the development and dissemination of various ethical and professional guidelines, manuals, and regulations.

I am always happy to work with journalists. Journalists have a special public mission. Thus, the protection of their rights and interests is in the public interest.