Dato Abuladze

Social Media Manager



I am a journalist by profession and I coordinate the representation of Hetq Media Factory in social media. For me, Hetq Media Factory is first of all a platform to create high-quality, valuable and demanded media products.

In 2009-2011, I studied at the Young Journalist School of the Union of Journalists of Armenia, where I received basic knowledge of journalism.

In 2012-2017 I continued my study at the Faculty of Journalism of Yerevan State University, graduating with excellence. I consider the work of a journalist very important, as well as the work of a media representative in general, because it plays a huge role in creating a well-informed and educated society.

As a journalist, I worked at the online editorial office of Aravot daily, where I covered topics of concern to young people. I have also cooperated with Hetq and Nor Mitq online newspapers.

In 2014-2020, I worked at the Wikimedia Armenia Scientific-Educational NGO and was responsible for organization’s communication and social media representation.

Since 2012, I have been an editor in Wikipedia. For me, volunteering is a way to combine the pleasant with the useful, and in the case of Wikipedia, it’s a way to transfer and gain knowledge.

I am also managing pages of Hetq Online in social media.